8ORO enhances high quality MADE IN ITALY products
with the will to share them worldwide.
Let you experience that Italian emotion like
if you were really in Italy!
A timeless Italian story

based on family tradition



8ORO has selected for you the finest coffee varieties in the world with careful processing, roasting and packaging, entirely made in Italy.
Among the selected varieties there is Santos Brazile one of the best varieties for the preparation of coffee because its aroma makes it unique thanks to the sweet notes of chocolate. Brazil is a unique region for climatic conditions and vegetation, characteristics that make this nation the largest exporter of coffee in the world. The varieties from Brazil give the coffee a sweet flavor with a color that is clear, a "sapidity" and a particularly intense aroma.
The Arabica variety that comes from Africa, especially Congo, is characterized by an intense and inviting aroma.
Finally, another country that is growing rapidly for the production of coffee is India thanks to the adoption of structured and modern cultivation systems that improve its quality yield. The main production areas are those of South India, in particular the states: Mysore, Madras and Keralla.
The roasting of the coffee beans is done entirely in Italy after having carried out various researches and tests on the Italian population which has been highly demanding and a large consumer of this product for centuries.
The 8ORO headquarters is located near Venice, an enchanting city that saw the opening of a "coffee store" in Italy for the first time in 1683 in Piazza San Marco.
A story of endless emotions, today as yesterday.
8ORO wants to offer you a real taste experience for true coffee lovers, giving you 8 seconds of intense pleasure.



8ORO has selected for you the finest Italian Wine varieties in the world. After fermentation this wine ages for at least one year in wooden barrels. With the Ripasso technique, the Valpolicella Superiore wine undergoes a second fermentation with the skins of the grapes used for Amarone. Montepulciano is a native wine of central Italy. The temperature variations of these hills favor their maturation, but also an excellent finesse of aromas.These wines are characterized by a smooth and structured and balanced taste, perfect for daily consumption. 8ORO wants to offer you a real taste experience for true wine lovers, giving you 8 hours of intense pleasure to spend with your family or people you care about.





8ORO has selected for you from the best quality of cocoa butter and the finest quality of Italian raw materials of pistachios, peanuts and hazelnuts. Gluten free. 

Our spreads are very creamy and tasty. Instead of sugar they have Italian honey from 8ORO. With Italian Sunflower Oil and Palm Oil Free.

Ideal for preparing various types of sweets and fillings for cakes, brioches and tarts.

8ORO wants you to discover this delicious collection for those who love to enjoy chocolate all year round!




8ORO has selected for you the most popular honey varieties in the world with high Italian quality. 100% Italian product.

Our honeys are not pasteurized and therefore retain all their original nutritional properties. All honeys are gluten-free and lactose-free.

Our honey is an important source of energy for our body and is recommended for those who love well-being, eat healthily and for athletes.

We take care of our bees in a natural way by nourishing them with honey produced by themselves and respecting their natural rhythms in an environmental context that is favorable to them. Our honey is highly digestible for all ages. 

8ORO wishes to introduce you to this precious “liquid gold” with a sweet and healthy taste experience.