Rich Case - 10 Capsules
Rich Case - 10 Capsules
Rich Case - 10 Capsules
Rich Case - 10 Capsules

Rich Case - 10 Capsules

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ORIGIN: Brazil, India, Congo


TASTE: rich and round with a marked and persistent aftertaste with notes of chocolate

ROASTING: medium

FLAVOR: spicy

* Compatible with Nespresso coffe machine 

** Possibility to choose the black or transparent capsule with 7/8 grams of coffee



Among the selected varieties there is Santos Brazil one of the best varieties for the preparation of coffee because its aroma makes it unique thanks to the sweet notes of chocolate. Brazil is a unique region for climatic conditions and vegetation, characteristics that make this nation the largest exporter of coffee in the world. The varieties from Brazil give the coffee a sweet flavor with a color that is clear, a "sapidity" and a particularly intense aroma. The Arabica variety that comes from Africa, especially Congo, is characterized by an intense and inviting aroma.Finally, another country that is growing rapidly for the production of coffee is India thanks to the adoption of structured and modern cultivation systems that improve its quality yield. The main production areas are those of South India, in particular the states: Mysore, Madras and Kerala.

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